About EVENTENGAGE Solutions

Whether you want to engage customers with a product launch event, provide on-demand training to reseller partners, or bring together employees around the world for a company meeting, webinars offer an efficient and cost-effective way to communicate with a large number of people. Still, managing webinar logistics and production can be a challenge. Your team may not have the time, bandwidth, and/or expertise to produce webinars that enhance your brand and deliver the necessary return on investment.
EVENTENGAGE Solutions is a one stop solution for your virtual event management needs. With a team of experienced professional, we know how to make your event one to remember. From creating a theme-based agenda on current affairs to the speakers selection, we help you build your event from the ground up.
We produce all types of webinars - from live to on-demand, video to virtual conference - and our services span pre-event, production, and post-event management. We can also help you develop webinar programs, either by providing an expert to integrate into your team or by taking on your entire webinar function.

Program management • Traffic management • Session kick off • Setup • Calendar requests • Rehearsal management • Live event • Post event • Custom visual reporting • Registration • Demand generation • Video editing

Our wide range of current topic selections ensure you have the exact virtual event which would be beneficial for your business. From International virtual conferences to regional seminars & workshops, we help you find the virtual event schedule that works for you.
Our social media handles and a dedicated Youtube Channel where companies can find an interest to advertise their product or services.
Our art team can help you to create a still or animation advertisement for you.